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About AchievePoint

The mission of AchievePoint Academy Arizona is to advance student lives through education and prepare them for today’s career opportunities.

AchievePoint Academy Arizona prepares students with the education, professional skills, and career skills they need to either join the workforce after graduation or pursue post-secondary education options. The success of the school is tied directly to the success of its students.

Our philosophy is simple:

  • We see a high school diploma as a milestone, not a destination.
  • We believe that line of sight to a job or continuing on with education and training makes school meaningful.
  • We believe that preparation for today’s economic opportunities has the ability to transform individuals, families, and communities.

AchievePoint Academy Arizona is part of the Graduation Alliance family of schools. We are a private, online, and fully accredited path for Arizona students who meet the Empowerment Scholarship Award Program requirements to earn an accredited high school diploma.

With a rigorous online curriculum aligned to national standards, AchievePoint Academy Arizona offers more than 100 online classes in core subjects like English, math and science, and in electives such as psychology, marketing and child development.


AchievePoint Academy Arizona is accredited by Cognia, the same non-profit and non-partisan organization that oversees the recognition and professional certification of more than 34,000 educational institutions around the world.

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